Your Guide to The Best Sustainable Toys

Do you want to shop consciously for your baby but are not sure where to start? 

Grimms, Ostheimer, Plan Toys, Green Toys, Everearth, Kapla, Orchard Toys.... 

There are many beautiful sustainable brands, but not enough time to research them all! We get it. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 sustainable toy brands to help you choose the best.

sustainable toy focus at childplay toy shop


What is a Sustainable Toy? 

A sustainable toy is produced from renewable and/or natural materials. Its manufacturing process does not cause pollution, such as the release of carbon or greenhouse gases. At the end of its life, a sustainable toy biodegrades. The clean materials used in the manufacturing process of these toys mean that these toys are safe for your children.

At Childplay, we want to make a difference in the lives of Australian children. That is why we carry a range of sustainable toys that embrace nature and help children feel connected to the world around them. Sustainably harvested wooden toys are a great example of this. They are making an enormous comeback with the iconic Grimm’s Rainbow and Kapla toys currently trending. 

We have compiled a list of three 100% sustainable, award-winning and enriching brands; to help you build a sustainable playroom.

Green Toys 

green toys childplay melbourne toy shop
Green Toys are our current favourite in the sustainable toy aisle! These adorable recycled toys are produced from milk caps and containers. Green Toys is where Old becomes new. 

All toys are made from post-consumer plastic waste, diverting the milk jugs and yoghurt cups from landfills, therefore saving energy and reducing carbon footprint! Green Toys packaging uses 100% recyclable cardboard or post-consumer water bottles.

To date, they have recycled over 122,000,000 milk jugs! 

Not only are Green Toys super affordable, they are also award-winning!

The Dumper Truck is a community favourite.

See Childplay’s range of Green Toys!



kapla wooden block range from childplay melbourne


Build and Create anything with Kapla’s Plank Block System! 

Kapla's range of toys offers hours of quiet time and open-ended play that practices concentration and fine motor skills. It is an enduring and evolving game of construction using 100% untreated French Pinewood sourced from the sustainable Forêt des Landes in southwest France.  

Chosen for its durability and natural beauty, the Landes pinewood is shaped with high precision manufacturing and coloured with natural pigments to ensure safety during play. 

The Kapla Plank Block System will last generations, offering families a chance to build with kids. 

See Childplay’s range of Kapla Toys!  

Plan Toysbaby plays with plan toys baby roller rattle

Plan Toys are an unbeatable option when it comes to eco-friendly baby toys. They are a carbon-neutral company with 3 beliefs. 

  1. Sustainable Mind
  2. Sustainable Materials
  3. Sustainable Manufacturing

Their entire supply chain is available to the public on their website. 

  • The chemical-free kiln drying process 
  • Formaldehyde-free certified E-Zero glue
  • Eco-friendly paint

Ensures that Plan Toys are safe for young children.

Their focus on the environment and society and child safety and development in their business practices make them a superb choice for your sustainable playroom. 

Plan Toys also use any wooden waste produced as fuel to produce heat energy!

Enjoyment, longevity and enrichment are priorities in our product selection.

Childplay has embraced the responsibility to reduce the impact on our wonderful planet. We aim to improve our product selection every year. That is why we support brands that produce sustainable toys for the planet and children. 

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