The 4 Grimm’s Toys You Need For A Waldorf Playroom

"The need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility- these three forces are the very nerve of education.” Rudolf Steiner

Waldorf education gives children the time and tools to enrich their path with a significance placed on readiness. As parents, we nurture their natural curiosity and innocence to empower them to lead their destiny through Waldorf inspired play. 

Waldorf play is an open-ended play that promotes love and learning of nature. The Waldorf method believes that education is integrated with art to appeal to all types of learners' whether kinaesthetic or visual. The aim is to enable children to reach their full potential and satisfaction in life through inquisitive thinking, storytelling, art, nature and respect.

Our team at Childplay Melbourne are committed to giving Australian parents the best recommendations in expanding your child’s playtime. Today we'll cover how to cultivate a child's natural desire to learn at home with these 4 must-have sustainable wooden toys. 

1. Grimm’s Wooden Coloured Rainbow Large 

grimms wooden rainbow

The Grimm’s Rainbow has to be at the top of our list. This famous wooden toy comes in three sizes, large (12 pieces), medium (6 pieces) and small (6 pieces). 

The twelve pieces in this rainbow enable children to build, stack and create structures and sculptures. This set encourages imaginative and creative play with the bonus of developing problem-solving skills! The Grimm’s Rainbow is perfect for children to learn practical skills. It is our best seller for a reason! The Grimm’s Rainbow gives children a vessel for endless creativity and freedom to explore their imagination for hours and hours. 

This handmade set is coloured with non-toxic water-based dyes to ensure the highest protection of the health of your child. 

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The Rainbow also comes in a pastel colour tone! 


2. Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid 

grimms wooden step pyramid blocks

The Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid is a 100 piece wooden building set with lengths ranging from 4 - 20 cm. The possibilities for your child are endless. This beautiful set enables your child to explore building foundations, weight distribution, balance and more! It is an investment piece that grows with your child. As they develop, the complexity of their builds increases. Pair this with other wooden toys and watch your child build a world through creativity and fascination! 

This versatile wooden toy enables children to go with their creative flow, acting as a safe space for artistic self-expression. The calm and soothing vibrancy of the Grimm’s collection lives with your child, encouraging a journey through their imagination uninterrupted. 

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3. Grimm’s Conical Stacking Tower 

a baby playing with the grimms wooden stacking tower

The Grimm’s Conical Stacking Tower is a treat for your child. From colour recognition to stacking to matching shapes and fine motor skills to spatial thinking. This hand-painted 11 piece tower uplifts learning in ring sizes and order. The vibrant colours will draw the eye of your young babe, engaging them to explore changing sizes and experimenting with stacking. 

The Grimm’s Conical Stacking Tower practices mental arithmetic while combining the arts, key to Waldorf learning.

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4. Grimm’s 7 Friends in 7 Bowls

grimms wooden friends with nesting bowls

The Grimm’s 7 Friends in 7 Bowls is a dynamic wooden set for your child to practice mental arithmetic, colour recognition, emotions and matching. It is the perfect set to pair with the Grimm’s Rainbow, Stepped Pyramid, and Conical Stacking Tower! Your child can build a world of their own with their seven friends. Turn the cups over, stack them, or play shop. This set spurs imagination and creativity while reflecting the diverse world they will soon inherit! 

The Grimm’s 7 Friends in 7 Bowls makes it to the list for their perfect fusion of arts and imagination with maths and emotional intelligence- the ideal toy to bring a Waldorf Playroom to life. How many friends are there? Do they feel joy? What are their personalities? The design encourages children to discover a world within themselves.

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"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love and send them forth in freedom." Rudolf Steiner

Our collection of sustainable eco-toys empowers our youngest to learn practically and lead their playtime. All Grimm’s Wooden Toys are produced with non-toxic water-based dyes and sustainable forestry. 

Childplay Melbourne are supporters of Waldorf Education. Our mission is to allow parents of Australian children to access world class eco-toys that uplift the development of our youngest. 


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