At Childplay we are focused on inspiring children to learn through play. Creative, imaginative, active and social play. Enjoy, laugh, play and learn!

Childplay offers high quality toys, games, gifts and books suitable for various ages and requirements.

Enjoyment and longevity are priorities in our product selection along with zero batteries and minimal landfill.

Childplay has embraced the responsibility to reduce the impact on our wonderful planet. We aim to improve our product selection every year. Reviewing and selecting toys from companies that minimise the impact on the environment.

Childplay currently supports Brands that produce sustainable toys for the planet. Various Brands also support forestry projects and local communities. Brands include Grimms, Ostheimer, Plan Toys, Green Toys, Everearth, Kapla, Orchard Toys and many more. Australian made is also a preferred source of product selection.

We are also committed to reducing our impact on the environment in store. Recycled bags and paper are offered and all online orders are sent using recycled packaging.

Please contact us if you have any recommendations on improving our business. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy our website.   

a collection of eco friendly and sustainable toys available at childplay toy store in clifton hill melbourne