Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe - Pencil art Metallic Blend & Shade


Tiger Tribe - Pencil Art Metallic Blend & Shade

Product Details :

  • This beautiful set explores color blending, different types of hatching and how varied pencil pressures can create a variety of striking effects.
  • Perfect for older kids and little artists wanting to expand their drawing and coloring skillset!
  • This set takes keen little creatives on a celestial journey, with illustrations of potions, crystals, magical scenes and dragon scales.
  •  Set includes a technique manual, 20 coloring pages on premium paper, 9x double-ended artist-quality metallic pencils (18 colors) and one blend and shade pencil (2 colors)
  •   All packaged neatly in a sturdy, magnetic-sealed storage box
  •  Great for gifting & travel
  • Suitable for children aged 8+

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