Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos - The Daring Escape from Hidden Island

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Thames & Kosmos - The Daring escape from Hidden Island

Product Details ;

  • A STEM experiment kit
  • Build, Experiment, Learn and Play with Pepper Mint
  • Read the story of Pepper Mint - a curious, skillful and creative young engineer and experiment alongside her. In this story-based Stem Kit, build an island playset from colorful wood panels then embark on an exciting adventure to harness and use the sun's energy in seven hands-on experiments.
  • The seven experiments will teach you about solar energy - build the island, tell the time with a sundial, experiment with evaporation to harvest salt crystals and desalinate water, construct a solar thermal tower, store electrical energy from the solar cell and build a solar-powered boat. 
  • Includes a 24 page storybook and instruction manual.
  • Box size 37 cm x 25 cm x 6.5 cm 
  • Recommended age 8+

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