Thames & Kosmos

Thames and Kosmos Solar Powered Rovers


Thames and Kosmos Solar Powered Rovers

Product details :

  • A stem experiment kit using energy from the sun.
  • Get ready to explore the amazing capabilities of solar energy by building your own solar-powered vehicles and devices - 5 in 1 models
  • Using a system of ultralight bamboo rods, plastic gears, and a powerful solar panel, you’ll build five different motorised models that move using electricity generated directly from sunlight.
  • Construct three types of solar cars, a solar fan, and a solar robot.
  • Perform science experiments with each model to learn about gear ratios, solar cells, and more.
  • The ultralight materials make your models speedy and durable while the modular gearing system lets you test out three different gear ratios.

Solar Powered rovers is a winner in the Independent UK Toy Awards! It is a great example of STEM science.


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