Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families Highbranch Giraffe Family


Sylvanian Families Highbranch Giraffe Family

Product Details:

  • The figure set includes a mother, father, daughter and son.
  • The Sylvanian family giraffe is a very relaxed family. Egbert Highbranch, the giraffe's father, is a calm, gentle soul. He often forgets how big it is and knocks his head. He also likes old things and takes good care of them - he has many, many vintage tools.
  • Mother Olive Highbranch is calm and gentle. She loves pudding because the pudding has the same colour as her. 
  • Bran Highbranch, the giraffe baby, loves taking photos with the camera that has been given to him by his father. He wants to grow as big as his father so he can see far far away and take beautiful photos from above.
  • Brie Highbranch, the other giraffe baby, loves to look into the distance with the binoculars that her father gave her. She likes to sit on her mother's head so she can see even further.
  • The head, arms and legs of the velvety soft figures are movable. The clothes can be put on and taken off. 
  • Ages: 3+ 

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