Springer - Spiral Spring Science Kit


Springer - Spiral Spring Science Kit

Product Details :

  •  Explore the secret of clockwork mechanisms with this DIY Kit.
  • This innovative science kit is fun to build and environmentally-friendly.
  • No motor, batteries or screws required - it is all powered by the plastic spring. 
  • The only thing you will need is a diagonal cutter to help you build the entire piece. 

  • 3 in 1 STEM kit can be reassembled into 3 different styles, no glue, no motor, no batteries. 
  • Spring Car - wind-up tightly and then release. The car will run at full speed for up to 14 metres. Show your friends how fast it can go! 
  • Spring Robot - the spiral spring works with high-speed escapement, providing the robot steady power to walk 50 cms. Waddling around with his quirky face, you will find him the funniest and most hilarious buddy ever! 
  • Spring Timer - the spiral spring works with low speed escapement, performing as a 6 minute countdown timer with ticking sound. Time yourself doing your favourite things. This helpful timer won't let you forget to have some fun! 
  • Unlike metal springs usually hidden in gearboxes for safety concerns, this plastic spring is safe enough to be completely exposed, even with its highest running speed, giving kids a great opportunity to explore this fascinating clockwork mechanism. 
  • Recommended age 8 +
  • Made by Johnco, made in Taiwan

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