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Plan Toys Wooden Beehive Set


Plan Toys Wooden Beehive

Product Details :

  • Bring children closer to nature with this wooden beehive set
  • Includes six bees that vary in colour - red, purple, yellow, orange, green and blue
  • Teach children about bees - their habitat and way of life
  • Match the bees with the hives , separate each bee & invite children to use the pincer to bring them home
  • Encourages cognitive and fine motor skills
  • Create a realistic environment to learn about bees
  • Recommended age 3 +

Plan Toys are dedicated to enhance every aspect of a child's development and safety through a mindful selection of materials and processes that provide sustainable play.

Plan Toys produce a range of sustainable toys by applying sustainable manufacturing.

Discover the sustainable way with Plan Toys.

Made in Thailand

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