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Paola Reina - Baby Doll Gordis 34 cm African Girl, Faith


Paola Reina - Baby Doll Gordis Doll 34 cm , Faith

Product Details : 

Product Details:

  • Faith has brown eyes and beautiful black hair
  • Anatomically correct newborn Gordis dolls
  • High quality phthalate-free vinyl dolls 
  • Hand-painted facial features, sparkling eyes, lush hair and eyelashes
  • Paola Reina dollls have a light vanilla scent
  • Articulated joints that allow the dolls to easily stand and sit
  • Length 34 cm 
  • Made In Spain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Paola Reina Dolls are the cherished companions of children around the world. Paola Reina create dolls that every child can identify with, regardless of gender, race and culture. High quality dolls that are trusted by parents and the perfect addition to any doll collection.

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