Nana Huchy

Nana Huchy - Max the Dog Hoochy Coochie


Nana huchy - max the Dog Hoocy Coochie

Product Details :

The Hoochy Coochie puppet comforter is a snuggly baby sleep aid.

An all-in-one comforter, hand puppet & story time aid. The Hoochy Coochie also includes a secure dummy attachment so your child will always have a soother close to hand.

The Hoochy Coochie can be used as a puppet before bedtime with its nifty hand-sized pocket.  A great way to captivate babies & toddlers & help them relax. Children can quietly cuddle up to their Hoochy Coochie as they drift off to sleep.

Hoochy Coochies are designed to be favourites, those extra special toys that young children form an attachment to, keeping them close wherever they go, & using them as self-soothing aids.

 Max may look like a well-behaved angel pup but he is one of the cheekiest boys on the Nana Huchy farm. A born escape-artist, Max can run lightning-fast & he will often be found gambolling up & down the neighbouring vineyards with his big floppy ears flapping in the wind. 

Recommended for newborn babies and up

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