Nana Huchy

Nana Huchy - Karen the Crocodile


Nana Huchy - Karen the Crocodile

Product details :

  • A beautiful new soft toy for all ages.
  • Unique fabrics & design and a perfect shape for cuddly close.
  • Recommended for all ages 

Below is a little insight into our new Aussie animal.

Snappy Karen the Crocodile is tired of being teased by the other Aussie Animals for being a real “Karen”. She’s not sure what a Karen even means – they are probably just jealous because she is the number one apex predator this side of the equator. Is it too much to ask for a little respect? Is it such a crime to want to control all the animals in her lagoon?

How is it Karen’s fault if the foolish critters bend over backwards to do her bidding? Keith the Koala brings her snacks, Pete the Platypus brushes her large pointy teeth, Spike the Echidna scrubs her scales – but they like it! Eddie the Emu (& part time life coach) says they are scared to say no to her & that Karen should try other, less demanding, ways of gaining the friendship of her peers. Sometimes Karen cries about this in therapy sessions, but Eddie the Emu is never quite sure if she is being sincere or if they are just crocodile tears … 

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