Mobi - Number Tile Game


Mobi is the ultimate fun, fast numbers game for ages 6-106 years.
The goal of the game is to make math equations as quickly as possible and connect them in crossword style grid. Be the first to connect all your tiles and you win! Designed for ages 6-106 .... this game is for absolutely everyone!
Game Includes 162 tiles, 1-6 players

Quick rules on how to play Mobi
The point of the game is to use up all your blue number tiles by connecting them with equations in a crossword-style grid. Empty all tiles onto a flat playing surface. Separate the blue tiles from the white tiles. All the blue tiles are numbers. All the white tiles are operations. Mix up all the blue tiles, take 7 numbers tiles each ....... say Go !!! and you have a game on your hands.
Recommended age 6+

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