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Manhattan Musical Diego Dino


Manhattan Musical Dinosaur Diego

Product details :

  • A playful and colourful musical dinosaur wooden toy that is filled with sensory fun and noise-making activities. 
  • Diego includes 5-key metal xylophone, 2 spinning gears,, 2 wooden ladybugs that move along tracks, 1 detachable maraca tail, a noise-making ridge on the neck and back, and 4 double-sided rotating panels with numbers and objects.
  • Diego comes with 1 wood mallet for playing the xylophone and scraping against the ridges along the top, back, and tail. Store the mallet atop the dino head when playtime is over. This artfully designed toy doubles as nursery room decor. Musical play encourages cause-and-effect learning while building motor skills and sensory development.
  • Standing play is only recommended for children able to stand unassisted.
  • Suitable for ages: 12 months+

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