Kapla - Wooden Planks 100 Pieces


Kapla Wooden Planks, 100 Pieces

Product Details :

  • A timeless and ever evolving game
  • Learn while playing from ages 2 +
  • Of identical size, Kapla planks are simply paced on top of one another to build anything and everything
  • Build according to the imagination, build towers, bridges, dragons, castles, and all sorts of extraordinary creatures
  • High educational value which encourages logical thinking, patience & concentration
  • Stimulates creative and imaginative thinking, ingenuity and STEM learning
  • Big or little, alone or in groups, with family or friends, Kapla adapts to all talents
  • Made from 100 % natural untreated pine from the Landes Forest 
  • Source from sustainably managed forest 
  • Chosen for its durability and natural beauty
  • Coloured with natural pigments to ensure safety during play
  • Recommended age 2 +

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