Iron-Me Beads Fun Colour Kit - Blue/Green


Iron me Beads are fun to use and educational at the same time. These Beads are suitable for everyone age 5 to 99 to use, and will keep everyone occupied for hours! Boys and girls alike love to use Iron-me Beads to create fridge magnets, suncatchers, necklaces , key tags and their own unique creations.

Iron me beads are used by placing the beads onto a bead/peg board randomly or in a pattern. Cover your Iron me Beads with ironing paper and iron the beads. Turn the beads and board over, remove the board, place another piece of ironing paper over the beads and iron this side off the beads. Allow to cool then remove paper. Wonderful you have your creation.

Australian Made "Iron me Beads" are made and owned in Australia by Australians.
Recommended age 5+

Fun colour kit includes Approx 5,000 beads, 1 small geo board, ironing paper, 1 reusable container.

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