Hey Clay

Hey Clay - Dinosaurs


Hey Clay - Dinosaurs

Product Details :

Hey clay is air-dry modelling clay for kids. It is light & soft and easy-to-sculpt.

Create your own ancient dinosaur world.
A mystical Pterodactylus, an unwieldy Stegosaurus, a curious Triceratops, an agile Pachycephalosaurus, a forever hungry Brachiosaurus and even legendary Tyrannosaurus will help you explore the prehistoric nature of the earth.

Hey Clay is designed to spark kids' imaginations and immerse them in a world of fun and learning. It inspires curiosity to discover shapes and colors, and imagination to create unique craft designs. Once the creations are complete and dried kids can play with them and collect them, like toys and action figures.

The Hey Clay is designed specifically for children and influenced by character animation. Each pack comes with a promo code for free access to the HEY CLAY App, an easy-to-follow guide to creative clay modelling for kids. 

15 cans of air-dry modelling clay ( 20 grams) 

Each color comes in a separate can for easy storage and sculpturing multiple times. The clay air-dries in 24 hours

Made according to AUS standards. Non-toxic and biodegradable. It does not stick to hands or stain objects. 

Recommended age 3+

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