Grimm's Romanesque Wooden Building Set


Grimm's Romanesque Wooden Block Set 

Product Details:

  • 62 rainbow wooden building blocks in a wooden frame length 44.5 cm 
  • Children will have everything they need for building. 
  • They can build walls, fences, stalls, houses, towers, castles, whatever their play requires to be built.
  • By building and playing with these blocks children will develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking skills.
  • Materials : Lime wood, non-toxic water based colour stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish
  • Recommended age 3+                                                                            

Grimm's is a family driven and sustainably managed manufacturer producing safe and high quality toys. To design toys , whose simple and reduced design together with beautiful colouring and inviting surface feel are well suited for all ages. Products that are played with over and over again.  

Spiel and Holz Design headquarters are located in Hochdorf Germany, where the design work, the surface finish and treatment, assembly, quality control , packing and shipping worldwide takes place. 

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