Grimms - Land Yacht in Blue 4 sailors


Grimms - Land Yacht in Blue, 4 Sailors

Product Details: 

  • A beautiful new blue yacht to arrive at Childplay
  • So many adventures on land and at sea ! 
  • This yacht floats and is suitable for the bathtub
  • Happy little wooden figures made from different types of wood from indigenous to Central Europe. 
  • Simple but vibrant appearance spurs on child's imagination to allow them to create their own story line through play 
  • Includes: 4 wooden figures in a wooden boat and a sail 
  • Please note: When drying, do not place on/near heater or in direct sunlight or this could fade the colour/cause cracks in the wood. Let it dry at room temperature
  • Please secure the sail in position by carefully tapping with a small hammer 
  • Dimensions: Boat length 18cm, Height 22cm. Figure height 6.5cm, Diameter 3cm
  • Recommended for children 1+ 

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