Grimm's Pastel Rainbow Friends


Grimm's 12 Wooden Friends in Pastel

Product details :


  • A beautiful gift for any child
  • Through their different colors and different types of wood, the rainbow friends reflect our wonderful diverse world as well as celebrating everyone's uniqueness.
  • Each one of the little hand painted wooden figures has a different look and individual wood grain, are gender neutral with no specific facial expression. They can be happy or sad.
  • The simple appearance of the rainbow friends enhances imagination instead of restricting it by offering to much detail.
  • The happy little wooden figures are made from different types of wood from trees indigenous to central Europe 
  • Colored with non toxic water based dyes.
  • Peg doll 6 cm x 3 cm
  • Recommended age 0 +
  • Made in Germany

Grimm's is a family driven and sustainably managed manufacturer producing safe and high quality toys. To design toys , whose simple and reduced design together with beautiful colouring and inviting surface feel are well suited for all ages. Products that are played with over and over again.  

Spiel and Holz Design headquarters are located in Hochdorf Germany, where the design work, the surface finish and treatment, assembly, quality control , packing and shipping worldwide takes place. 

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