Thames & Kosmos

Thames and Kosmos Glowing Crystal Geode


Thames and Kosmos Glowing Crystal Geode

Product details :

  • Discover the science of growing crystals and glowing substances.
  • With the project kit you can grow a crystal geode that glows in UV light and learn about how crystals for. And why the pigment glows in the dark.
  • Contents of kit

Display stand for geode,
Lamp holder
UV lamp,
Flourescent dye, 1.5g,
Potassium aluminium sulfate packets ,50g x 3,
Plaster packet, 200g
Geode mood
Wooden spatulas
Measuring cup, 200 ml
White measuring spoon

You will also need an assortment of household items such as 1 litre of water, scissors, empty jars, pencil, tape, cardboard and (AAA) battery , small Phillips head screwdriver.

Recommended age 8+
Box Size 28 x 22 x 7 cm

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