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Fat Brain Toys - Whirly Squigz


Fat Brain Toys - Whirly Squigz

Product Details : 

  • Whirly Squigz is a delightful sensory adventure.
  • Each Whirly Squigz is made of 100%  high-quality silicone,  colorful, pleasant to touch and safe for teething.
  • Stick them to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface - bathtub wall, tabletop or a window and give them a spin. Whoosh........ around they go faster twirling and whirling !!!!
  • Set includes 3 Whirly Squigz - one with 2 petal, one with 3 petals and one with 4 petals.
  • BPA-free, fully safety tested
  • Recommended age 2 +


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