Eugy 3D Puzzle - Sloth


Eugy 3D Puzzle Sloth

Product details :

  • Fun, sustainable, safe, educational and created with a spoonful of cuteness.
  • Enjoy making this 3D cardboard puzzle & connecting with the animal world. 
  • EUGYs are a beautiful yet simple craft activity, which will help kids feel a great sense of achievement upon completion of the puzzles.
  • A EUGY pack contains 7 flat cards individually numbered pieces , all ready for you to assemble & get familiar with counting numbers.
  • EUGYs help develop concentration and fine-motor skills, as they put the puzzles together piece by piece.
  • Kids love to play with the completed animal models. Create a diorama with your kids made of recycled materials.
  • With 'Fun Facts' of the respective model included on each cardboard panel, children can learn about our awesome wildlife!
  • EUGYs come from nature and can return to nature. They are made from one of the most recyclable materials, cardboard, and are printed with eco-friendly ink.
  • EUGY products conform 100% to international safety standard (EN71-1,2,3 and CPSIA

 Recommended age 6+

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