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Cracked Card Game


Cracked Card Game

Product Details: 

  • Objective: Be the first player with four remaining cards in your hand that match your Code card.
  • At the beginning of each round players are given 7 playing cards and 1 Code card which contains a unique set of 4 digits. Players must work towards gathering numbers that match their unique code by using the Swap, Star or by drawing a card from the stockpile. There are 5 Action cards that players can utilise to get the advantage over other players. "Swap, Pick up two, Lock, Reverse" and "Reset". 
  • If a player is lucky enough to get the only Rest card in the deck, they can use it to force any player to change their Code card for a new one 
  • Once a player had gathered the numbers required, they must work towards discarding the cards they don't need 
  • Recommended for children 8+ 
  • Best for 2-8 players 

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