Nudie Rudie

Rudie Nudie Waterproof Playmat in The Happy Now Print


Nudie Rudie Waterproof Play Mats - The Happy Now Print

A unique play mat to encourage nappy free tummy time. Ideal for Baby's development and perfect for mum. The mats have been designed to allow nappy free tummy time with no mess & no fuss. 

The mats are designed with 3 layers. The top layer is a plush cotton layer to keep baby comfy. in the middle is an absorbent quilted layer for any little accidents and finally a waterproof membrane on the final layer. No more wet patches on the floor. Machine washable  and dries easily. Big ticks for this play mat.

Tummy time is very important for all babies and this mat is perfect for play time, tummy time, and no nappy time.

Designs to suit your style.

Size 90 cm x 90 cm 

Great gift for all babies and presented in a recycled box.

Designed in Australia

Made in China 


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