Kinderfeets - Kinderboard Board in Bamboo


Kinderfeets - Kinderboard Board in Bamboo

Product Details:

  • Fabulous item for any child.
  • Children will love this wobble board to play with. A rocker, a balance board, a tunnel , dolls bed , car track, step etc. Children will create wonderful play with this wooden wobble board by Kinderfeets.
  • Great for core strength and balance.
  • Maximum weight 100 kilograms
  • Length 78 cm
  • Box Size 84 cm x 32 cm x 19 cm
  • Made in China

Kinderfeets is a family business established in the Netherlands that aims to allow children to explore their world on fabulous, environmentally friendly products. Our incredible Kinderfeets products at Childplay are highly sought after due to their simple, safe and sustainable design.

Kinderfeets products are ergonomically designed with balance, coordination and mobile independence at the core of each product. Kinderfeets uses timber from low risk resources, including bamboo and birch wood. Bamboo was selected due to its adaptability, resilience and ability to grow incredibly fast and self-regenerate. Bamboo does not require toxic chemicals or artificial pesticides for growth and maintenance, making it an incredibly safe as well as environmentally friendly material. Alternatively, sustainable birch wood is also used which is another eco-friendly option sourced from FSC-certified factories. Kinderfeets uses minimal packaging made from recycled paper and water based, non-toxic ink.

These incredible products align with our goals at Childplay which is to facilitate exploration, independence and wonder. We adore Kinderfeets at Childplay!

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