Grapat - Little Things Yellow


Grapat - Little Things Yellow

Product Details :

  • A purple wish box with a little figure inside
  • What gem can you fit inside a place so small - something that makes you smile and feel the warmth on the inside, a stone so white and round that it seems like the moon in the summer, a shell that shines from within because it knows it contains the entire ocean, a tooth that is both from a unicorn and a shark at the same time, a balloon without air, a peg without clothes , the smallest pencil in the world
  • Welcome to the world of imagination with wooden Grapat treasures
  • Recommended age 18 months+
  • Made in Spain


Grapat Toys are inspired by Waldorf principles. They are known for their loose parts to encourage children to play and discover freely using their own imagination. The nature of Grapat reflects the beauty of the earth in the colours, textures and aesthetics. 

Grapat Toys are made from locally sourced sustainable timbers and finnished with water based dyes. A delightful range of wooden treasures for life.

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