Connetix Tiles

Connetix Tiles Ball Run 92 Piece Set


Connetix Tiles Ball Run 92 Piece Set 

Product Details:

  • A fantastic set for any child to build anything at any age
  • Strong magnetic shapes to build tall and wide
  • Made from durable food grade ABS plastic
  • Set includes - 6 x balls, 2 x bowls, 2 x long stairs, 8 x slides,12 x 90 degree bends(corners), 8 x U shapes, 8 x short straight pieces, 6 x long straight pieces, 2 x snake pieces (wavy one)
  • Recommended age 3 +

Connetix tiles foster creativity, imagination and learning through play.

Playing with connetix tiles encourages gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, spatial reasoning and awareness, hand eye coordination, lateral thinking and planning skills and self-esteem.

Children are also introduced to the concepts of cause and effect, magnetic force, balance, symmetry etc. 

Most importantly children have fun and want to play with the tiles over and over again.  

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