Fat Brain Toy Co

Fat Brain Toys - Squigz Starter Set


Fat brain Toys - Squigz 

Product details :

  • Fun little suckers !
  • Creativity like no other Toy !
  • Push them together and then pop them apart
  • Build amazing shapes and create wobbly bobbly towers
  • Stick them to the bathtubs, school lockers, walls, tables, windows, anything that's smooth and non porous. Potential for creating is endless.
  • Playful, unique, inspiring. Suction construction for young explorers. innovators !
  • This set includes 24 pieces including 8 different shapes.
  • Made from 100 % food grade silicone, BPA free, Latex free, dishwasher safe, no residue and marks on surfaces.
  • Cylinder packaging 19 cm height, width 11 cm

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