Paola Reina

Paola Reina Doll Ballerina, Pink


Paola Reina Doll Ballerina, Pink

Product Details:

  • A beautiful Ballerina Doll wearing a pink tutu, bright pink high top with floral details, floral headband, pink stockings and pink shoes. Stunning.
  • Standing 32 cm
  • Provides hours of role-play fun and encourages the development of visual thinking, imagination and speech.
  • Doll features- Doll can stand and sit, head, arms and legs can move, large eloquent eyes made from transparent plastic and thick eyelashes. Dolls eyes are open, hair is easy to comb, exclusive clothes made from high-quality textiles,
  • Hand made in Spain with attention to detail.
  • Recommended age 3+

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