Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos - The Great Treehouse Engineering Adventure


Build, Experiemnt, Learn and Play with Pepper Mint!
Read the story of Pepper Mint - a curious,skilful and creative young engineer- and experiment alongside her. In this story-based Stem Kit,Pepper Mint visits her Aunt, who is a scientist researching primates. She lives in a treehouse in the rainforest. Pepper Mint devises mechanical and electrical inventions to accomplish various tasks. She equips the Treehouse with pulleys,gears and circuits- and learns lessons in physics in the process.
Projects includes - rainforest Treehouse, rope ladder, block and tackle hoist, belt pulley, rotating rain shield, zip line, trapdoor, coconut catapult and LED lanterns.
Kit includes 61 pieces, 9 experiments , 32 page Manual
Recommended age8+

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