Llorens Dolls 38 cm Lola Mantita Baby Doll


Llorens Doll 38 cm Lola Mantita

Product Details :

  • A beautiful doll for any child.
  • Spanish design and artisan made.
  • All Llorens dolls adhere to European child safety regulations, guaranteeing that your children will have fun in the safest way possible.
  • Muñecas Llorens firmly believes in looking after the planet, which is why most of their products are made of 100% wool, including organic wool and a selection of high-quality recycled and organic textiles. 
  • Soft fabric body, vinyl limbs, includes dummy
  • Sound mechanism can be activated. When dummy is taken away the doll cries for Mummy & Daddy.
  • Clothing made using Lana Wool
  • 38cm 
  • Recommended age 3 +

Product code 38564

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