Hama Beads

Hama Beads - Large Fairy Gift Set of 6,000 Beads


Hama Beads - Large Gift Set 6000 Beads Fairy Set

Product Details:

  • Hours of fun & creative designs, this set has lots of Hama Beads Ideas 
  • Set includes 6,000 beads, 3 peg boards ( Butterfly, Fairy. Square ), bead tray,  instructions and ironing paper.
  • Box size 43 x 30 x 4 cm
  • Recommended age 5-10 years
  • Simple method of use - 1. Put beads on pin board 2. Lay on ironing paper and melt the beads together with an iron ( ironing done by adult ) 3. Pull the crossed beads off the reusable pin board.
  • The special strength of Hama products is that they are educational. They are not just ordinary toys.They challenge children’s motor skills, creativity and train their ability to concentrate.
  • Hama products are developed and manufactured in Denmark. First manufactured in 1971.

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