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Fruit Friends in multi colour print


Nourish the senses with Fruit Friends. These friendly fruits each feature another unique experience for little learners. The orange comes apart into 4 thick slices. The magnetic pieces self- correct in a way that assists in confidence and self-esteem, inspiring children to continue exploring. The watermelon with soft silicon seeds assists in problem solving, spatial awareness and colour recognition. Slide the 3 chunky pieces together, a sensory boost with the soft seeds.
The pear wobbles, chimes but never falls so children always feel successful exploring motor skills, muscle development and the cause-and-effect.
Orange measure 8 cm in diameter, watermelon measures 11 x 12 x 3 cm , pear measures 14 x 9 x9 cm
High quality materials and construction - lasting durability
Recommended age 1+

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