Djeco - Scoubidou String Pictures


Djeco - Scoubidou String Pictures

Product Details:

  • Scoubidou pictures, magic manes
  • Children arrange the Scoubidou strings on the pre-glued cards to create the movement of these colourful manes.
  • Recommended age 7-13 years

From the banks  of the Seine, Djeco have been developing the art of playfulness so they can inspire and delight little kids and big ones too! Playfulness is a magical word - it stands for freedom, for imagination, for crazy ideas and for originality.  Djeco is unique by adding poetry, artistry and playfulness to toys, designs and creative collections.  A family business to a creative community.

Djeco design their collections with illustrators, established artists and new talent expressing the unique artistic aspect of their toys and love sharing these with all the people who are following them on their journey. 

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