Djeco - Animals Memo Matching Game


Djeco - Animals Memo Matching Game

Product Details: 

  • A classic picture matching and memory game much loved by younger children 
  • Little ones will have fun trying to find and match the fun jungle animal pairs 
  • All the cards are placed face down and each player then takes turns to turn over 2 cards. If the cards they choose are different they put them back face down but try had to remember what and where they are! The next players turns over 2 cards, if that player finds a pair of animals, they win the pair and play again turning over another 2 cards and so on
  • The winner is the player with the most pairs
  • 30 pieces - 15 pairs to find 
  • Comes in a cubed box with a cord carry handle 
  • Recommended age 3+ 

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