Brio - Curved Bridge


Brio - Curved Bridge 

Product Details:

  • The Curved Bridge is a wonderful accessory for any train set.
  • Set includes 3 pieces of track- ascending , descending & curve top .
  • Height of bridge is 11cm , width 5cm & curved length 17cm
  • Recommended age 3+
  • Designed by Brio in Sweden .
  • Made in China 

Brio code 33699

With a clean and simple design language Brio products encourage and open up a whole universe of fun, where the only limitation is the child's imagination. A play philosophy true since the birth of the company. 

Brio have been sparking young minds since 1884 and creating happy childhood memories throughout the world. 

Beech wood from renewable forests is the most frequently used ingredient across the Brio product range. 

Brio design toys following  4 key criteria  - safe to play, comply with Brio's high quality standards, must be intuitively easy for the child to understand and help the child grow through play.

Brio understand that a successful toy is able to stimulate the child's imagination and be part of the child's growth through play - even at different ages. It should be possible to use a toy at different levels as he child grows.

We love brio Toys!

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