Haba - Ball Track - Master Construction Kit


Haba -Sim Sala Ball Track

Product Details :

  • The master construction kit offers ultimate ball track building fun
  • With lots of pieces there are plenty of different setup options
  • Speed circle, sound effect track, waving flag track and marble canyon offers exciting ball track effects
  • Sophisticated universal clamp with tube clamping function takes ball track construction to new heights
  • Attached to a table top or shelf creates maximum marble speeds
  • Includes 74 pieces - 1 big speed circle with marble stopper, 1 sound effect track, 1 speed breaker, 1 power pulser track, 1 waving flag track,1 marble canyon, 3 speed tubes with connectors and tube clamps, 5 speed curves, 1 universal clamp with tube clamp function, 3 ramps, 20 rectangular blocks, 5 cubes, 3 bases, 1 sod block, 1 marble container, 12 building block clamps, 12 marbles
  • Recommended age 4 +
  • Made in Germany                                                                                                            

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