Ambi Toys

Ambi - Ted and Tess Pram String


Ambi Toys - Ted and Tess Pram String

Product Details: 

  • A colourful pram tie to entertain a young baby
  • A string of 5 teddies on elastic to clip to a pram 
  • Children will be engaged as the teddies swing and spin around when tapped 
  • Encourages eye focus on objects and movement 
  • Recommended age newborn + 

Ambi Toys are responsible for some of the most-loved baby and toddler toys. Patrick Rylands, chief designer at Ambi Toys for 30 years combined simple design with movement, sound and bright primary colours. He developed a range of simple and effective toys that stimulate the imagination.

Founded in the 1960's in the Netherlands, Ambi Toys is well known for its classic designs and design awards. A few original designs have been developed over the years conveying a friendliness & character with faces and the introduction of the colour black. The ingenious design of the three little ducklings that hide inside the mother duck, or float free in the bath is a favourite. Tommy Toot, Bird and Fish toys, Hocus Pocus , Cool Cat ..........

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