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Ambi - Bird Bath Toy

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Ambi - Bird Bath Toy in white

Product Details: 

  • This iconic Bird Bath Toy is gorgeous. This popular bath toy was first introduced in 1969. Simple , elegant , smooth shape.
  • Bobs up & down floating.
  • 14cm in length , height 9 cm
  • Recommended age 0+ 

Ambi Toys are responsible for some of the most-loved baby and toddler toys.                                                                                                                                                          Patrick Rylands, chief designer at Ambi Toys for 30 years combined simple design with movement, sound and bright primary colours. He developed a range of simple and effective toys that stimulate the imagination.

Founded in 1960's Ambi Toys originally called Europlastics in the Netherlands is well known worldwide for its classic designs. A few original designs have been developed over the years conveying friendliness & character the introduction of the colour black. The  Floating ducks, Bird and Fish toys, Cool Cat, Hocus Pocus and Tommy Toot are just a few to highlight as favourites.

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