Jellycat - Lamby in White


Jellycat - Lamby in White

Product Details:

  • What a gorgeous and sweet little lamb
  • Jellycat plush toys are gorgeously quirky and super ,super soft to cuddle.
  • Any child will love this little lamb.
  • Length 28cm
  • Hand wash only 
  • Recommended for newborn + 

Jellycat is renowned for their irresistibly soft and cute designs that make for a perfect new best friend. Established in London, Jellycat has been designing unique plush toys since 1999, and have become so successful that even Princess Charlotte is a Jellycat owner!

Creating classic plush toys with a quirky twist, Jellycat is a perfect childhood friend. Although Jellycat is constantly coming up with new designs, each product fulfils its purpose in being irresistibly sumptuous. The softness of the materials used instils a sense comfort perfect for all ages. Each Jellycat toy is sophisticated yet silly and a perfect gift!

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